NYC Botox, Veins/Scars Treatments & PRP Injection Guide
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PRP Hair & Facial Treatments in NYC

PRP Hair & Facial Treatments in NYC

Have you recently been hearing a lot of buzz about med-spas? If so, you probably want young, healthy and blemish free skin. This guide was created for two reasons, the first to provide you with the best rated and most reliable medical spas in NYC and the second reason is to provide you with valuable information and resources regarding skin-care. We will provide our readers with valuable information and insights regarding PRP hair regrowth, PRP Facial Injections. Botox, Vein Removal, Scar Treatments, Microneedling, & Laser For Acne.

Featured PRP Hair/Skin Treatment Center in NYC For Q4 2017:

The PRP injection guide uses a 5-point screening method to provide you with PRP doctor that you can trust for quality results, good pricing and great service. With that said, our featured Doctor for the fourth quarter of 2017 is. The doctor will also help us answer some of the common questions that potential PRP patients seek.

Dr V's NY Med-Spa; Botox & Scar Laser Treatments 106-15 Queens Boulevard #B15 Forest Hills, NY 11375 (917) 789-6963

And now the answers to the frequently asked questions that you have been waiting for (FAQ):

What Is PRP Therapy For Facial Skin?:

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy is an aesthetic treatment which actually uses your very own platelets to cure and treat scars and wrinkles on a patients face, neck or hands. It's an injection based procedure. Based on it's use of the patients own blood the treatment is often refereed to as a "Vampire Facial".

How Long Does The Procedure Last For?:

Depending on your specific situation the doctor will likely recommend a regiment which includes monthly injections for about 6-12 calendar months.

Is PRP Therapy Safe?

One of the biggest advantages to PRP injections is that nobody is allergic to their own blood and therefore no negative reactions or side effects can occur from the substance itself. That being said, any injection carries the possibility of needle based infections or bleeding. A highly professional doctor is very unlikely to cause a patient a needle based health issue.

PRP For Hair Restoration & Regrowth:

Did you know that thousands of men and women across the globe are receiving PRP hair regrowth treatments and getting incredible results? That right, this same plasma treatment that has made peoples skin look younger and more vibrant is now growing their hair and making them feel younger and more confident. The scalp injection is very safe and has no risk of allergies or side effects. As long as the doctor knows how to use a needle properly you will on your way to pain-free hair restoration.


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PRP Hair & Facial Treatments in NYC

NYC Botox, Veins/Scars Treatments & PRP Injection Guide

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